Ethereum Block explorer

With the Ethereum Block Explorer you can view all your Ethereum addresses in one overview. Check the balance and transactions of any Ethereum address without having to login and without creating an account.

Ethereum Block Explorer supports ERC20-Tokens, including Tx overviews and Tx information.

The Ethereum Block Explorer allows you to share your Ethereum address easily via a QR-code. Or, if you need to send it by text, long click the wallet and it is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Powered by and APIs

Released: July 2017

System: Android & iOS


ScanTacts is the new way of exchanging contact info. No more hassle with business cards or fiddling with phones to add someone to your phone. Just let someone generate a QR code, scan it with the built-in scanner and you're done! To make life even easier, you don't need a QR-scanner, there is already one included in the app. ScanTacts is available for free.  

Released: August 2016

System: Android & iOS