Approved V.O.F. (called ‘Approved’, ‘we’, ‘our’) builds useful and fun apps for Android and iOS. This document describes both the general and application specific Terms and Conditions. We request you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully.


In case you don’t accept the Terms and Conditions, do not use our applications.


Approved reserves the right to adjust the Terms and Conditions.


Chapter 1 General Terms and Conditions

1.1 Intellectual Property

All applications will always remain in the sole ownership of Approved. Code of the applications will never be shared. Clients may not claim any intellectual property and are not allowed to build our applications themselves or via a third party.


1.2 Privacy Policy

For each app that is released a privacy policy can be found in the app. Approved does not gather any personally-identifying information, but will collect non-personally identifying data which includes, but is not limited to, devise used, session length and buttons pressed. This information is used to better understand our users. Users of our applications accept the privacy policy.


1.3 Liability

Approved does not accept any liability for any loss or damage. Approved notes that her applications do not process personal data and are not integrated with systems of her clients.


1.3.1 Approved accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind.

Insofar as not prohibited by law, under no circumstances will Approved be liable for any loss or damage of any kind (including, without limitation, for direct, indirect, economic, exemplary, special, punitive, incidental, consequential or damages directly or indirectly related to):

-       The Service

-       The Approved content

-       The user content

-       Your use or performance of the service

-       All measures taken in connection with an investigation by Approved parties or government agencies with regard to your use or use of third parties, of the Service

-       All measures taken in connection with copyright or other intellectual property owners property;

-       any errors or omissions in the operation of the Service;

-       any damage to a user's computer, mobile device or other equipment, including damage due to a security breach or viruses, programming errors, sabotage, fraud, errors, negligence, interruptions, defects, delay in the operation or transmission, computer or network failure or any other (technical) failure, including, but not limited to damage due to loss of profit, loss of goodwill, data loss, work interruptions, inaccuracy of results or computer failures, even if they are too provided / were or even if Approved were or should have been informed knowing the possibility of such damage, regardless of whether it arises from a agreement, negligence, strict liability or unlawful act (whether or not entirely or partly as a result of negligence, force majeure, telecommunication failure or theft or destruction of the Service).



In no case will Approved be liable for you or anyone else's loss, damage or injury, including but not limited to death or personal injury. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Under no circumstances will Approveds total liability to you for all damages, losses or causes exceed the license amount per year.



You agree that in case you sustain any damage or loss or incur any injury as due to the act or omission of Approved, any damage is not irreparable and is not sufficient to give you the right to demand a judicial prohibition on the operation of a website, service property, product or other content that is owned or controlled Approved status and that you are not entitled to prohibit or block the development, production, distribution, advertising, display or exploitation of a website owned product, Service or any other content owned or controlled by Approved.



Approved is not responsible for the actions, content, information or data of third parties and you indemnify us, our directors, officers, employees and agents for all claims and damage that arise in any way from a claim against such third parties.



You agree that every claim that you have and that arises from the relationship with Approved must be submitted within one year after the claim has arisen. Otherwise, your claim is barred.


1.4 Development

Approved decides which development is performed. Feedback of users is highly appreciated.


1.5 Updates

Approved will provide updates which can be downloaded through the relevant store. Clients have no authority to stop an update, but may always decide to not update their app. In that case Approved does not accept any liability for malfunctioning of the application.

Approved has the right to stop updating the apps without prior consent. The application will always remain available in the relevant stores.


1.6 Payment

Payment is either through the app store/google play store, or via a company contract. In the case of a company contract, Approved will send a digital invoice which should be paid within 60 days. In case of no payment, Approved holds the right to cancel the use of the company specific version in which case the company will return to the free version of the application (if available).


1.7 References

Approved is allowed to place logo of the client on the website and use clients name in case Approved explains who her clients are.


1.8 Conflicts

Dutch law applies to the Agreement and the agreements resulting from it, unless otherwise agreed in writing. With regards to all conflicts arising from and/or related to the Agreement, the court in Amsterdam always has jurisdiction.


Chapter 2 Scantacts - Scan your Contacts

ScanTacts is the digital alternative for the paper business card. It provides a flexible, environmental friendly and quick way to share contact information.


2.1 Releases

In August 2016 the app ScanTacts was released which is a digital alternative for the paper business card. The basic version is available in the Google Play Store and App Store for free. A company specific version with extra features can be activated upon request.

The release notes of prior versions can be provided upon request.


2.2 Explanation of the application

The user fills in his/her contact information (Name/Phone Number/E-mail/Company/Job title/Website) and generates the personal QR code. To share the contact information one can 'show' the QR code and use the 'scan' functionality to read and save the information directly to his/her phone. Contact information can easily be changed in the generate form.


Since the app is not yet widely used, Approved has made sure the QRcode of ScanTacts can be read by most QRcode readers, an application most people have on their phone. The iPhone camera can also read the QRcode. Of course the other person can also download the basic (free) version of the app on the spot and share contact information that way.

For Android we developed the option 'pic&drop', which allows the other person to take a picture of the QR code and, after downloading the app at a more convenient moment, just drop the picture into the app to save the contact information.


2.3 Company version

The company specific version comes with extra functionality versus the free version. Activating the company profile will show the app in the colors of the company and show the company logo in the middle of the QRcode; it will also delete the ads that are normally shown in the app. Last but not least it will activate the double profile option. That way employees can also use the app in a private setting.


The company code is activated by filling in the company code in the settings of the application. It can also be deactivated in this way.


2.4 Privacy

Approved does respect privacy and therefore does not gather the contacts the users enter or save in their phone and does not gather any other personally-identifying information. Approved does gather general information about the usage of the app where possible and the number of times a company code is activated per device.


2.5 Liability

Approved accepts no liability for loss due to the use of ScanTacts, see also article 1.3.


Approved accepts no liability for misuse of the company code (for example, but not limited to, in case the company code is used by someone outside the company). Approved never shares the company codes with anyone but the contact person of the relevant company.


Users are responsible for correctly saving and maintaining their contacts. Approved does not gather this information and can therefore provide no contacts when these are lost. When using the pic&drop option, users are responsible for taking a picture of enough quality such that ScanTacts is able to read the picture.


2.6 Availability

The app is available for Android and iOS.


2.7 Payment

The application is available for free in the app store/play store. This version includes ads.

A company specific version requires are contract signed by both parties. It consist of a demo period after which Approved and Client decide upon a yearly license.

As it is beneficial for both parties if more companies introduce ScanTacts as their digital business cards, Approved rewards its clients by giving 5% of their licenses for free for the period of a year for each new client they introduce. This reduction will be settled on the invoice for the next year. It case the client introduces more than 20 clients, Approved will settle the reduction on the invoice of the years afterwards.


2.8 End of the Contract

The Contract will be automatically renewed each year. Client can decide to stop the Contract at any time, after which the company version will be deactivated after the year has ended. Approved does not return the license fee of that year.